Evansville Police Department

The birth of the Evansville Police Department dates back to 1863 with the employment of two men assigned to the duty of checking downtown buildings at night. At the end of the Civil War in 1865, it became necessary for the community to enlarge its protective force and the department increased its number to sixteen and fell under the supervision of Evansville’s Mayor, William Baker. Because there were more officers to oversee, it became necessary to appoint a supervisor for the police department. As Phillip Klein had been “duly elected” the Wharfmaster, he was selected to be Captain of Police, receiving orders from the mayor who retained the position of Chief of Police.

Vanderburgh County Sheriff Department

The goal of the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office is to provide the most efficient and effective law enforcement service to the citizens of Vanderburgh County. To increase the safety of our community, we have established multiple ways for you to furnish information anonymously regarding criminal or suspicious activity. Vanderburgh County is a wonderful place to live, work, relax, and raise a family. Working together, we will keep it safe for everyone.

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