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We are currently under construction at the moment and may run into a few pages that do not have the content it should. As we progress through this time, please be mindful that not all information on this site is posted by our organization, thus, we developing that content that is our own right now.. Thanks and have a great day! 

yellow and red traffic cone on gray concrete road
yellow and red traffic cone on gray concrete road

Content Submissions and New Updates

Thanks for your interest in myEvansville.IN Online Magazine, your once stop shop for EVERYTHING Evansville! In order to keep everything relevant and up to date, we ask that you, the public, keep submitting information, news and updates, and general content pouring in! Our dedicated team of content creators, site management, and resource managers are always working to keep our audience engaged and interested but sometimes we may over look important information that could save someone's life. So please keep the content coming!

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man sitting on bench reading newspaper



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person in black long sleeve shirt holding persons hand


Our team of content developers, media teams and writers will be posting news and updates daily that will keep you up-to-date on the latest stories in the greater Evansville area and the tri-state! Our news updates has not officially opened its' doors yet but we are working on getting some content and content managers/creators.

Here we have a list of events and a calendar that show upcoming events that are sure to keep you busy around town, there are a lot of events that most people haven't heard of and a full calendar with all the events listed on the events page.  We are currently developing this part of the code at the moment but will be done shortly!

Here is our extensive list of businesses (YOU MUST SUBMIT YOUR/THE  BUSINESS  OR ORGANIZATION) and organizations that make up the city of Evansville, Indiana.  The submitted information does not have to be owned b you, but someone must submit the name of it, your name - first and last, your email, check if you own it or not, and information regarding the submission


The city was founded in 1812 and was named by its founder, Hugh McGary, after Col. Robert M. Evans. Because of its position on the river and surrounding natural resources, Evansville grew to become a commercial, industrial and financial hub for the tri-state area.

The city has several notable educational institutions. The University of Evansville is a private school on the city's east side, while the University of Southern Indiana is a larger public institution just outside the city's westside limits. The Indiana University School of Medicine also maintains a campus in Evansville.


MyEvansville.IN was founded in 2022 and has been in production, development, and partnering with local businesses, charities, organizations, and event planners along with media and content writers who are local, national, and international. MyEOM was founded by David Merritt, Joshua Diers, and Joe Manns.

We currently under development at the moment here on the web site but are planning on launching very soon. Please check back with us often to see when and if we have launched the web site 100%. You can also learn more below about the magazine and what it will bring to the table for our audience.




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